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Products > Dairy, Meats & Cheeses
Greek Yoghurt Strained (v) 10.0 kg
Greek Yoghurt Strained (v) 5.0 kg
Greek Yoghurt Strained (v) 1.0 kg
Greek Yoghurt Cow (v) 200 g
Lebneh (v) 10.0 kg
Tinned Feta (v) 16.0 kg
Tinned Feta (v) 4.0 kg
Tub Greek Feta (v) 4.0 kg
Tub Greek Feta (v) 2.0 kg
Greek Feta Vacuum Packed in 12s (v) 12 x 200 g
Greek Feta On Olive Oil and Oregano (v) 12 x 200 g
Greek Feta Vacuum Packed (v) 1.0 kg
Cheddar Blocks Mature (v) 4 x 5.0 kg
Cheddar Blocks Mild (v) 4 x 5.0 kg
Halloumi Cheese (v) 8 Packs
Halloumi Cheese Box Approx 40 Pcks (v) 10.0 kg
Boxed Wafer Sliced Prosciutto 5 x 500 g
Greek Sausages Loukanika Pork 1.0 kg
Greek Sausages Loukanika Pork 2.0 kg
Greek Sausages Bastourma Beef 2.0 kg
Spicy Sausages Suchuc 1.0 kg